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Upper Cape Cod Pet Sitting Services

CapeK9Cardio has been offering Upper Cape Cod Pet Sitting Services for 10 years and counting. We are a professional pet sitting company that will ensure your pets are cared for to your liking. Your dogs and cats will be comfortable in your home, and you won’t have to worry about the hassle of dropping them off or picking them up at a kennel. They will not feel the stress of an unfamiliar location with strange scents and barking dogs. They will enjoy daily exercise, human interaction and affection at home.

It all starts with the free consultation.
CapeK9Cardio’s goal is to provide safety, comfort, and exercise for your pets at an affordable price. We provide a free consultation so we can get to know your pets and tailor your pet care to your needs. We will answer all of your questions with no obligation.

We use a checklist during each visit:

  • Daily dog exercise (dog running, dog walking or playtime)
  • Refresh your pet’s food and water
  • Take your dog outside for relief
  • Belly rubs
  • Visit to dog park*
  • Turn on or adjust the radio, TV or thermostat
  • Administer any dog medications as requested
  • Refresh your cat’s food, water and litter box
  • Collect mail and newspapers
  • Water plants (indoor or deck)
  • Alternate lights and blinds
  • Take out trash or recyclables
  • Care for pets with special needs
  • Security check

Major benefits of pet sitting services from CapeK9Cardio:

  • Affection – your pets will all receive love and attention each day, several times per day
  • Stress free – your animals will avoid the extra stress involved with traveling
  • Comfort – your dogs and cats are comfortable in the environment they know best – HOME!
  • Diet – your animals will be on their regular diet, eating only their food and treats
  • Exercise – daily dog walks are included!
  • Healthy environment – no risk of exposure to disease or from other animals
  • Convenient – no dropping off or picking up your dog at all
  • Reliability – your friends and neighbors will not be burdened by your pets
  • Accessibility – your animals are just a phone call away, being well cared for by a professional
  • Home security – your home will be monitored several times per day
  • Other benefits – mail and newspaper retrieval, watering of plants, alternating blinds and lighting and more

Compare us to the a dog kennel.
Our pet sitting services offer many advantages over traditional dog boarding and kennels. We specialize in exercise for dogs, personalized pet care for all your pets, human interaction, and affection. If you have two pets or more our service is usually more affordable than a kennel.

Visit our Rates page for a complete list of rates and fees.
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We have your pets covered. We are local, bonded and insured.
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